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ABOUT The Tape Place™

The Tape Place™ is an online only store based in Cottonwood, Arizona that specializes in Original Out of Print, Rare & Hard to Find Stereo Music Cassette Tapes for your Home, Auto or Walkman®.  > We deal only in legitimate Cassette Tapes - that were manufactured by the Music/Record Companies. We have been in business since 1982 and have 1000's of very satisfied customers.


Pre-recorded Stereo Compact (Music) Cassette Tapes were first introduced in the U.S. in July 1966 by the Mercury (Philips) Record Company (49 Titles). [ Philips had introduced the Compact Cassette Tape in 1963 - originally for dictation! ] They named them Music-Cassettes (later changed to just "Musicassettes").

Since vinyl record albums were the preferred form of recorded music - followed closely by Stereo 8-Track Tape CARtridges (that first came out in Sept. 1965) - Stereo Compact Music Cassette Tapes were only produced in very small quantites. Few people were interested in them, at the time, nor purchased them. This situation remained approximately the same throughout most of the early 1970's.

Around 1979, due in large part to the increasing popularity of the new SONY "Walkman®" and the continuing growth of Auto Cassette Players, Music Cassette sales rose rapidly and they were produced in much larger quantities (overtaking album sales in 1983!).

Please keep in mind that since early Stereo Compact Music Cassettes were produced on such a small scale - they are much rarer and so more difficult to obtain , especially in MINT Condition (1966-1974).

[ Note: Stereo Compact Cassette Music Tapes had been phased out by all the major Music Companies (by 2003) and are no longer being produced by them. ]


The Tape Place sells only Cassette Music Tapes that are in:

MINT - like new condition.

NEAR MINT - close to new condition.

NEW (SEALED) - brand new, still sealed condition.

BRAND NEW (NOT SEALED) - brand new, but not sealed condition. 

Some Tapes may have a small "cut-out" mark: (ie: drill hole , saw-cut, burned spot, etc.) through their plastic case, shell, and/or inlay (J) card. This was done by manufacturers to show they were deleted from their catalogs - (C/O).  (We always state the exact condition and type of "cut-out" mark - [if any] - on our listings).

We do NOT deal in any Tapes that were abused or are in any less than Near Mint condition - so you may deal with us in confidence. We have thousands of very satisfied and happy customers. We hope you will become one of them!